What Your Will Learn

We all want to conduct high quality exams and/or records reviews. To do that, we need to effectively evaluate the validity of an examinee’s performance on relevant measures, assess the credibility of their presentation and history, and draw reliable and valid conclusions that answer the key questions posed. This year’s annual meeting features engaging speakers from a wide range of disciplines to help you do those tasks with skills backed up by state-of-the-art science. Whether you are a physician, psychologist, chiropractor, or allied health professional, if evaluating validity is something you want to know more about, this meeting is for you.


• Presenters from medical disciplines, psychology and neuropsychology, and the legal profession

• A wide range of national and international speakers including those that are known to IAIME and others who are joining us for the first time

• Content specific to psychologists and neuropsychologists, as well as medical specialties

• A highly engaging flexible format for participating remotely